Different Paddle Boarding Activities to Try

Different Paddle Boarding Activities to Try

In addition to gliding over the water and paddling around, there are many other ways to utilize your stand-up paddle board. From fishing to yoga, the possibilities of what you can do on a stand-up paddle board are virtually endless. To give you a few ideas about how to diversify your SUP experience, here are some of the many different paddle boarding activities to try.

SUP yoga

Combining the relaxing activities of yoga and paddle boarding makes for an especially tranquil and transcendent experience. Practicing yoga on a paddle board is a calming activity that also challenges your balance by forcing you to adjust to changes in the water’s surface. Wide paddle boards with beams of over 30 inches are typically ideal for practicing yoga.

Puppy paddle boarding

Don’t let your furry friend miss out on the fun of paddle boarding—take them with you! If your paddle board has room for two (most do), have your puppy hop on board and enjoy a day exploring nature together.

Stand-up paddle board fishing

Get closer to the action by taking your fishing excursion to the water. Stand-up paddle board fishing is a blossoming trend among anglers. SUP allows you to easily maneuver to ideal fishing spots and provides you with a wide field of vision, so it’s easier to see the fish around you. For an optimal SUP fishing excursion, equip your board with Scotty mounts to attach your bait trays, rod holders, and other equipment.

SUP surfing

If you’re up for an extra challenge, try tackling some waves on your next paddle boarding excursion. SUP surfing has a quicker learning curve than standard surfing, as you don’t need to master the challenging process of getting up on a wave—you’re already standing! However, if you’re new to the sport, we suggest tackling smaller waves first and working your way to more challenging sets as you gain experience. For SUP surfing, shorter, thinner, and lighter SUP surfboards are ideal as they’re specially designed to help you easily maneuver on the waves.

Paddle board racing

If you have a competitive side, consider trying your hand at stand-up paddle board racing. SUP racing has recently become very popular, which means it’s never been easier to find a racing event near you. To give yourself the best chance of success, we suggest utilizing a racing SUP and a light paddle.