Health Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Health Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding isn’t just a fun outdoor activity, it also provides various health benefits—not that you need another reason to hop on a board and enjoy a relaxing day paddling around in the water. From improving balance to decreasing stress, here are a few of the amazing health benefits of stand-up paddle boarding.

Full-body exercise

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great exercise because it allows you to engage muscle groups throughout your entire body at once. As you balance on your board, you engage your legs and core muscles, which helps you build abdominal strength. In addition, the paddling motion strengthens your arms, back, and shoulders.

Improved balance

Standing up on a paddle board in unstable water requires balance. Changes in the water will rock the board and make it more difficult to stand; this will truly test your ability to stay upright. The more you practice adjusting to such changes, the more you will learn how to better control your body. As a result, you will likely experience improved balance overtime.

Decreased stress

Both exercising and spending time in nature have been proven to lower stress levels. Since paddle boarding allows you to do both stress-relieving activities at the same time, it offers an especially useful way to calm anxiety.

Increased endurance

Paddle boarding is such an enjoyable and relaxing activity that many people find they can paddle board for long durations without even noticing they worked out. Paddle boarding provides an ideal endurance activity, as the consistent effort to balance and paddle on your board can lead to increased stamina. This is especially true when you paddle board for long periods of time.

Improved joint health

Paddle boarding also provides an effective physical therapy exercise due to its ability to increase joint stability. As you balance on the paddle board, the small muscles in your feet and lower legs activate to keep you standing upright. Such muscles are essential for joint support and will help keep your joints protected. Plus, paddle boarding is a low-impact activity, which means there’s a very small chance it will do any damage to joints.

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