Choosing a Paddle Board That’s Right for You

SUP Surf Designs offers an extensive stand up paddle board selection. It’s important to understand the different types of SUP boards that are available when choosing a paddle board for yourself. We have many products for all skill levels and style preferences at our stand up paddle board shop. Check out some key details for choosing a paddle board that’s right for you.

All-Terrain SUP Boards:

  • These boards are great for beginners and offer the most versatile range of SUP activities. All-terrain stand up paddle boards are perfect for SUP fishing, SUP yoga, group paddles, paddling with your dog, and they can handle all boarding conditions with ease.

Inflatable SUP Boards:

  • These boards require less storage space, are easy to transport, and will last for years. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers. They’re the ideal choice for adventurists that love to travel and want a durable, compact design to fit their lifestyle.

Surf SUP Boards:

  • These boards are designed for surfing by surfers; they offer an increased rocker and planing hull for highly responsive maneuverability when surfers perform bottom turns and ride the line. SUP surfboards are perfect for more seasoned paddlers who want to get more action out of their boarding experience. They’re shorter, thinner, and have less volume than traditional paddle boards.

Touring & Racing SUP Boards:

  • These boards are constructed with a pointed nose and typically have a displacement hull for high-performance, long-distance expeditions. Touring and racing SUP boards are perfect for endurance paddlers who want to enjoy coastal cruises, compete in SUP races, and anyone who seeks to cover more ground at a faster pace. They can handle choppy waters while maintaining speed and straighter tracking.

For more information about choosing a paddle board that’s right for you, call SUP Surf Designs at (877) 745-1122 to speak with an expert!