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Brand: POP Paddleboards

Colors: Blue, Cream and Red or Green, Cream, and Orange

Category: Touring and Racing Paddle-board


  • 12'0” Americana stand up paddle-board for experienced riders
  • Full bottom, rolled rails, and squash tail.
  • Competitive, endurance or long distance paddle-board.
  • Bamboo, veneer, vacuum packed technology
  • Dimensions: 12'0” x 31” x 6.5”
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Volume: 264 Liters

Details: Go the distance with The 12’0 Americana POP Board . We crafted this board for fitness lovers and adventure seekers. A lightweight, hydrodynamic board that maximizes every stroke you take. The Americana paddle board is built for speed and is the perfect choice for experienced riders interested in competitive paddling, endurance paddling, or long distance/downwind sessions. Our ambassadors put more miles on this board than on their commute to work. Beat your best time around the harbor, shoot across your nearest lake, or discover nearby islands with our colorfully vintage board the bleeds patriotism. If you’re looking to enter the competitive arena, then look no further.

Length 12’0″ Rocker Shape Low
Width 31 Tail Shape Squash
Thickness 6 1/2″ Bottom Shape Full
Volume 264 Liters Rail Shape Round-Rolled
Weight 29 Pounds Rider Weight 100 – 285 Pounds